The UK’s Most Trusted and Capable Test Facilities

Founded in 1987, JFD’s National Hyperbaric Centre has been a dominant provider of hyperbaric and pressure testing services to a variety of industries for 30 years, and still maintains a position as one of the UK’s most trusted and capable test facilities.

Sponsored by the UK government, the chambers were originally built for research purposes for the subsea and diving industries, at a time when operations were starting to move into deeper waters.

The National Hyperbaric Centre is now part of JFD, and the chambers remain amongst the biggest and most capable in the world able to simulate pressure depths of up to 800bar and altitude of 50,000ft in both wet and dry environments.

JFD has a long standing relationship with a variety of clients who rely on the centre to manage their pressure testing requirements for products and equipment. The centre is regularly audited and is an approved UKAS EN17025 test facility.

Over the years, the centre has undertaken the testing of equipment across a wide variety of disciplines and applications, ensuring capability and function under pressure. The centre performs daily testing of ROVs, submarines, buoyancy modules, subsea valves and control modules for the subsea industry. However on occasion, also undertakes more unusual projects which have included the testing of whisky barrels, mealworms and medical equipment.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 41

Summer 2018 // Issue 45
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