Failsafe and Modulating Electric Actuators from Stock


Back in 2007, J+J Automation- the market leading European innovator in electric actuator design and manufacture, introduced plug and play function conversion kits that when installed, enabled standard power open, power close electric actuators to have their function changed.

This new concept was a huge success and as more competitors release products with similar facilities, in 2017 J+J raise the bar again. The target was to reduce the current ‘high’ and ‘low’ voltage versions into one model that covered both.

After years of head-scratching, and with a patent pending to protect the concept, Jordi Chaves (one of the ‘J’s’ in ‘J+J’) finally solved the problem and the new ‘S’ Type released in the last quarter of 2016 boasts single multi-voltage capability with auto-sensing of any supply voltage between 24 and 240VAC or DC. Now, with only a single model to cover what formerly required two to cover the range, the J3C-S Series from J+J gives stockists a smart actuator with the flexibility to make the ROI on stock-holding interesting once again.

The BSR plug and play function conversion kit quickly and easily creates fail-safe functionality using an industrial rechargeable battery and PCB containing a trickle charging system and switch to draw battery power when external power fails. Installed inside the original on-off actuator’s housing to maintain the same size envelope (many competitors still add a separate housing for the battery – as J+J did prior to 2007), the BSR only sees a change in connectivity to the new ‘S’ Series control PCB.

However, function conversion from on-off to modulating sees a significant change in the new ‘S’ Type, where the former mechanically driven potentiometer shaft feedback system is superseded by state of the art digital magnetic position sensing. In a new, even more user-friendly auto-calibrating plug and play kit, the DPS system significantly upgrades the performance of the J+J smart actuator’s proportional control. To indicate this change, the now multi-colour LED status light is blue for proportional control.

In most cases, the plug and play BSR and/or DPS kits are installed by the stockist and dry bench function tested before shipping to the installer or user and with the now super-flexibility of a single multi-voltage actuator supported by the plug and play function conversion kits, the J+J ‘S’ Type offers delivery from stock of failsafe, modulating – or with both kits installed, failsafe modulating smart electric actuators.

As the kits are so user friendly, and quick and easy to install, they can be quickly and easily retro-fitted on site should the function in the process system in which they are installed, change.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 41

Summer 2018 // Issue 45
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