Quickfire Aberdeen Desktops!

In June 2017 BVAA held a series of three valve and actuator Desktop Exhibitions in the Aberdeen area in little over a week!

A very busy AmecFW desktop event at City View

On the 20th June, a number of BVAA members were invited to by Petrofac to exhibit at their Bridge View offices. A few days later on the 27th BVAA hosted a similar event at AmecFW’s City View facility, and on the 29th it was the turn of AmecFW’s Annan House offices opposite Union Square.

BVAA’s CEO Rob Bartlett commented, “Over the three events we saw over 80 customer representatives and facilitated a potential 662 interactions – an unprecedented number in such a short period for BVAA.”

Rob continued, “There is strong demand among members for more events like these, and we have, though our Business Development Consultant Rob Boycott, embarked on a campaign to substantially increase their frequency. Crucial to the success however is the host’s response to them, and once we’ve held an event - and the host sees just how useful they are - we are generally asked to return again and again. Indeed this was the 14th such event held on behalf of Amec and Foster Wheeler in as many years!”

Interested in a BVAA Desktop event?
Contact BVAA on Tel: 01295 221270 or email rob@bvaa.org.uk

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 42

Autumn 2018 // Issue 46
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