HP pneumatic actuator range remains best buy

The UK’s leading independent provider of valve automation products, Actuated Solutions, has hailed the HP Pneumatic actuator range a ‘best buy’ for the general process market, thanks to its high specification and relatively low cost.

The only pneumatic actuator range at an affordable price point to boast a SIL rating, Actuated Solutions believes the HP pneumatic range offers customers the best value for money on the market, in terms of reliability and specification.

Designed for use with quarter-turn valves, the HP pneumatic series has a wide torque range, which means they can match the operational characteristics of plug, ball or butterfly valves; or any other device requiring precise and reliable 90º rotary motion.

Made with high quality hard anodised aluminium and subjected to 100 per cent pressure, leak and rotation testing prior to dispatch, the HP pneumatic range truly is an all-round safe bet as Paul Slaughter, Managing Director at Actuated Solutions, comments: “The HP Pneumatic actuator range is by far and away the best in class on the market – no other comparably-priced pneumatic range offers a SIL rating or the same degree of specification. When it comes to an actuator range that will remain fully operational under even the most severe conditions, these relatively low-cost, high-quality models provide a remarkably reliable and cost-effective means of valve operation, ensuring a longer service life and lower overhead costs.”

The ATEX & PED certified and CE marked HP pneumatic actuator range is available in the UK via Actuated Solutions. All actuators are guaranteed for 1,000,000 operations and supplied to suit ISO5211/ DIN3337 & Namur VDI/VDE3845. In addition, all models are easily adjusted for both open and closed positions and are rated from -20 to +80°C as standard, but Actuated Solutions can offer actuators for low temperature and high temperature applications, as well as actuators in different materials for more severe applications.

To find out more about Actuated Solutions and the HP pneumatic actuator range, please visit: http://www.actuated-solutions.co.uk/.

Tel: 01243 827 469
Email: sales@actuated-solutions.co.uk
Web: www.actuated-solutions.co.uk

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 43

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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