HH Valves Supply AMEC FW Forged Parallel Slide Valves

HH Valves Ltd implement new manufacturing technology to supply large bore high pressure forged Parallel Slide Valves globally.

HH Valves Ltd has recently completed the supply of a significant contract for AMEC Foster Wheeler for our one-piece forged high pressure parallel slide gate valves.

AMEC FW approached HH Valves for a high-quality casting with high levels of NDE as previously supplied, following their technical review they were able to offer their one-piece block forged parallel slide valves. The advantages of this are the much higher integrity material when compared to a standard casting which removed the requirement for the additional high levels of NDE and as a result due to HH’s advances in manufacturing technology of the large bore forgings lowered the overall cost on the project.

After consultation with AMEC FW to explain their new capabilities with regard to the large bore high pressure range AMEC FW were very keen to progress down this route due to the obvious higher quality performance of the one-piece forging.

The one-piece forgings are available in a variety of materials including A105, F22 & F91 in pressure classes from 1000 to 4500 with the same price structure and delivery time as a comparable casting. HH Valves Ltd also produces a range of low pressure parallel slide valves from ½″ to 36″ in pressure classes from 150 to 800 in materials such as WCB, WC6/WC9 & C21A, to accompany the high pressure range.

One-piece forgings are always more desirable than the comparable castings available on the market but previously price & delivery of these made this a non-viable option for their customers, now due to HH Valves Ltd.’s advances in the manufacturing process they are able to offer this as a feasible solution to their customer’s needs! And with their additional non-destructive testing as standard their customers can have 100% confidence in the reliability and durability of these valves in service.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 43

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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