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Industry valves - Steel and cast iron check valves - proposal by France to extend the scope to include copper alloy BS EN 16767:2016

What is it?:
This European Standard specifies the requirements for cast iron or steel check valves, which are forged, cast or fabricated in straight, angle or oblique pattern with end connections flanged or wafer, butt welding, socket welding, or threaded. It does not include valves made of copper alloy.

Why Is it Important?:
There are no EN standards for copper alloy globe valves and copper alloy check valves. In June 2014 TC69 took decision against the views of the UK to combine steel and cast iron check valves into one standard. As a consequence EN14341 and EN12334 have been withdrawn and EN16767 has been published in 2016.

The work on EN16767 was done very recently. There were no comments during the prEN or FprEN to include copper alloys so it is not clear why this issue is now being raised.

The UK situation is that we still retain as current BS 5154. This standard covered copper alloy gate, globe and check valves. It is partly superseded by EN12288 copper alloy gate valves. We also have BS 7438 current which is for single disc spring loaded wafer type check valves in both steel and copper alloy.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 43

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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