Versa Extend their Direct Acting Solenoid Valve Range

Last year Versa introduced the D-316 direct acting side ported solenoid valve. This is a range of high flow 3-way valves (3/2), and is a multi-purpose/ universal flow valve that is bubble-tight throughout the operating range.

Versa now extends this valve range by adding a modular air valve package - DMAP and a 3-way direct acting NAMUR valve, all manufactured in 316 stainless steel.

The DMAP is the combination of the pneumatic components and accessories utilised in the valve automaton industry. Suitable for working pressures up to 10 bar, the DMAP consists of a filter/ regulator, gauge, and a directional control valve all in one unit. With a range of accessories such as dust excluders and flow controls. this completes the control system. The overall design reduces size and weight whilst maximising flow.

Cost reduction is one of the DMAP’s main advantages. This is achieved by eliminating tubing and fittings and other components found on panel mounted side ported valve equivalents. The systems are also easily specified which shortens engineering design time.

The D-316 NAMUR valve is a universal flow 3-way valve. A working pressure range of up to 12 bar and finished with a NAMUR footprint, it mounts direct to the 1/4 turn valve actuator. An internal drilling provides the integral rebreather function which utilises air from the exhaust cycle to prevent corrosive atmospheres entering the actuator.

All models have Class ‘H’ high temperature coils, which are low power in operation. The solenoid housings rotate through 360º which facilitates the ease of installation.

The D-316 series meets worldwide hazardous area regulations and standards, and comes with several options. These include manual reset, manual override, and low temperature seals. High-performance stainless steels make the D-316 valve the choice for applications within the harshest environments.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 43

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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