Total Flexibility In An Electric Actuator From J+J UK, From Stock

3 Products produce the world’s most flexible electric actuator range: the J3C-S

In today’s fast paced life, more and more emphasis is placed on delivery times and the demand for the availability of a wide range of products from stock is constantly increasing.

To satisfy this demand, stockists can either increase their stock levels for a wide range of products – which is expensive, or manufacturers can design flexibility into their products so that the resulting stock offers a wide range of configurable options.

J+J, the European electric actuator manufacturer, have been at the forefront of innovation in electric actuators since the early 1990s and the current production model, the J3C-S Type, grasps the concept of the need for flexibility with both hands and presents what is probably now the most flexible electric actuator on today’s market.

Wide voltage range: The first step is to hold an actuator that can accept a wide voltage range. The J3C-S not only accepts any AC or DC external supply between 24V and 240V, but its ability to automatically sense the voltage, without requiring to change internal dip switches, or connect between different terminals for ‘low’ or ‘high’ voltage, has a patent pending. This solves the stockist’s conundrum of ’how many of which voltage range’ should we hold.

Configurable function: Next, the standard on-off function needs to be capable of conversion to failsafe, modulating, or both. J+J have been pioneers in developing their user friendly ‘plug & play’ function conversion kits and the kits for the J3C-S Type are the easiest to install yet. Whilst 99.9% of these conversions are installed and tested by J+J at their ISO9001:2015 TUV approved Matlock works, the failsafe and modulating kits can be retro-fitted should a site requirement change after initial supply.

Available from stock: Visitors to J+J’s Matlock works will see healthy stocks of J3C-S on-off actuators, battery back-up failsafe conversion kits, and digital positioner conversion kits which employ a 12 bit encoder and digital magnetic position sensing, producing the most accurate positioner in J+J’s history. This stock offers endless variations of any of the four most popular actuator function requirements; on-off, failsafe, modulating and failsafe modulating.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 43

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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