Industry valves - Measurement, test and qualification procedures for fugitive emissions - Part 1: Classification system and qualification procedures for type testing of valves AMENDMENT 1 - amendment to the standard issues BS EN ISO 15848-1:2015 Amd

What is it?:

This part of ISO 15848 specifies testing procedures for evaluation of external leakage of valve stem seals (or shaft) and body joints of isolating valves and control valves intended for application in volatile air pollutants and hazardous fluids. End connection joints, vacuum application, effects of corrosion and radiation are excluded from this part of ISO 15848.

Why Is it Important?:

The amendment changes the definition of RT from temperature range of -29° to 40°C to 5°C to 40°C. A new temperature class t-29°C has been introduced in to Table 5. The specified test temperature for this class is -29°C. The amended tRT temperature class only covers the rage 5°C to 40°C. The implication for this is that valves previously tested at RT are no longer qualifies for -29°C to +5°C unless the previous test was done at -29°C.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 43

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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