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ISO 28921-1:2013 Industrial valves — Isolating valves for low-temperature applications Part 1: Design, Manufact. & Production Testing – 5 Year Review

What is it?:
This part of ISO 28921 specifies requirements for the design, dimensions, material, fabrication and production testing of isolating valves for low-temperature applications.

It applies to gate, globe, check, butterfly and ball valves and can be used for other valve types used in low temperature services.

This part of ISO 28921 covers isolation valves for use in cryogenic temperature service where the design low temperature service is –50 °C down to –196 °C.

It does not apply to valves for cryogenic services, designed in accordance with BS ISO 21011, used with cryogenic vessels.

Why Is it Important?:
ISO 28921-1 was published in 2013. Following a vote in CEN it has now been adopted in 2017 as an BS EN ISO without modification. The original ISO is subject to the 5 year review.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 44

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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