Electric-Actuated Subsea Regulator

Late last year we were approached by one of our customers who was struggling to find an assembly solution to their deep sea application.

They required full remote control of their subsea pressure regulator. Given the conditions at deep sea levels, it was essential that our solution was strong and capable of withstanding the corrosiveness of salt water and the high external pressures on the sea bed.

Our design team immediately got to work. The first task was to source an electric actuator that could remotely control our SS-690 subsea regulator at sea depths of up to 3,000m. Once sourced, we needed to adapt the regulatorís adjusting mechanism to smoothly function with the actuator and transfer its rotary motion. The design concept required a bracket which would not only provide the housing for the coupling but also support the actuator and maintain the complete assembly in alignment.

The existing top works of the regulator was redesigned, enabling the remote control element of the customerís application Ė the regulator and actuator worked in perfect harmony. The final step of the challenge was to design the support bracket to keep the full assembly in alignment and provide the crucial link between the actuator and the regulator. This was achieved by careful and detailed analysis of the full assembly and precise in-house machining of the designed components.

At this point we had met the customerís brief, but we also wanted to prepare the assembly for the long-term; our products are built to a high specification which means they are built to last. Our design team wanted to ensure the assembly was also geared up for future servicing works. The new bracket enabled the independent removal of either the actuator or the regulator without disturbing the full assembly.

Job done!

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 44

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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