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The Value in Training

Karen Webb, BVAA Member Services Manager

There is a tendency to treat Training as an ‘optional extra.’ Indeed, many companies regard it as a discretionary spend and only do it in extremis.

Regrettably, many undertake to do it only after a situation has occurred. The full cost of a mistake is often many times more that than the training that might well have prevented a situation arising, and if someone is injured – or worse – then there is little solace to be found in bolting the proverbial stable door.

Added Value - Independent
Most people will recognize that BVAA’s training portfolio is not only delivered by some of the industry’s most knowledgeable lecturers, but it is also independent of any particular brand or product type. This gives us a unique position in the market.

We also sit in a privileged position between the supply chain and the customer base – indeed we regularly draw our training delegates on a 50/50 basis from both sectors.

Our other advantage of course is that being part of a not-forprofit organisation, we also have an eye to delivering at the best possible price and therefore provide the best possible value to our stakeholders.

Added Value - Innovative Approach
2017/18 has certainly seen the BVAA’s course programme challenged by the oil and gas downturn. We have however managed to keep our income on target by applying an innovative approach to delivery.

BVAA has provided training courses at our customers’ premises for many years, but this year we ‘opened the taps’ and delivered at hosts’ sites all over the British Isles. The advantage to clients is that the training comes to them, and they then avoid all the additional travel and subsistence costs associated with days out of the office.

We have also tailored courses to suit our customers’ requirements – many become bespoke - something not readily available elsewhere. We also contract with other august bodies in areas of even greater specialism where required, such as metallurgy, casting, etc. We have also run scheduled ‘standard’ courses in convenient geographic locations such as Wales, West Yorkshire and Aberdeen.

Soft Skills / Personal Development courses – originally part of the Future Leaders Programme offer – have also proven very popular with our members.

Added Value - CPD Certification
Finally, this year we moved into new territory and had our courses certified for Continuous Professional Development - CPD. At the time of writing I am delighted to report that both the Control Valves and Safety Valves courses have been successfully certified already, with several more slated for processing during the Spring of 2018. This is a major development for BVAA and underlines our commitment to provide even greater value for our stakeholders.

BVAA Courses Offered
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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 44

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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