Groupe Latty’s New Gasket Specially Designed For Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

The new gasket LATTYgraf S is a highly tolerance machined gasket specially designed for double and triple offset butterfly valves.

LATTYgraf S is a multilayer gasket made from a metallic element and compressed graphite in sandwich format.

It has high elastic recovery which provides perfect sealing, optimum reliability and reduced maintenance.

LATTYgraf S meets the requirements of the harshest applications with cryogenics, gas, liquid and steam fluids.

LATTYgraf S have many advantages such as:

• Withstands very significant temperature variations
• Reduced friction coefficient Improved sealing lifespan • Little wear of the seal faces
• Available in two versions: Gasket on obturator, (sealing face on the outside of the gasket) or gasket within the body of the valve, (sealing face on inner side of the gasket).

LATTYgraf S can be used on double, triple or quadruple offset butterfly valves and in the Oil and gas, Refinery, Chemicals and Energy industries.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 44

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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