WSG ...The Sum of the Parts

WSG UK Ltd all set to shake up the industry approach.

Mention Well Services Group or WSG to anyone in the industry and there’s instant recognition. We’ve been well known for many years, but did you know that as part of the WSG group of companies, we are now doing something that has never been done before?

It sounds a little clichéd, but all the same it’s true. The past year has seen WSG UK bring together a number of different companies under a single umbrella organisation that is challenging and changing the sector’s future direction.

Under the stewardship of the group’s Managing Director, Gareth Turner, WSG UK Ltd is now home to three well-established strategic businesses, namely; Process & Pipeline Services (formerly PNS Ltd), WSG Provalve Ltd and WSG Industrial Services. Combined, WSG UK Ltd are able to offer customers across all industry sectors the first fully end-to-end service solution.

As a progressive business, WSG have been quick to recognise the changing customer landscape and with it, the new customer experience requirement. The past ten years have dramatically changed the economic landscape, requiring organisations to seek more cost-effective and higher-value solutions. In response to this, WSG have consolidated three of the core elements in the industry’s life-cycle under a single entity. Whilst this has been a first for the UK, something not found across any other valve or services supplier.

The ability to provide a single project entity delivering real ‘blind to blind’ capabilities brings many client benefits.

Speed - A number of different project and team changeovers which had previously created unavoidable process and operational delays, leading to longer project cycles, is now a single, unified and connected project entity, effectively removing these barriers and therefore providing faster turnarounds.

Efficiency - A single project solution benefits from inherent business and service efficiencies, removing service duplication and overlap. Similarly, cross-project and service visibility increases the likelihood of a friction-free experience.

Reduced risk - Naturally, a single solution team with aligned processes helps minimise all areas of business and safety risk. Full project line-of-sight adds both peace of mind and increases overall business trust.

Cost - It should go without saying that a single, unified operation will help keep the bottom line down. Service rationalisation built around complete in-house synergy is where you’ll find the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

In short, WSG provide better solution scope without the added cost, time, complexity or risk of juggling multiple partners. You’ll be surprised just how capable we’ve now become.

Strategically located in the middle of the country, with premises in Normanton, Middlesbrough and Cramlington, WSG remain the only operation in the UK with full coast-to-coast reach, focused on the land market. We continue to provide turnkey solutions of all complexities to our customers both on and off-site through our expanded workshops, warehousing and extensive mobilised fleet capabilities.

Tel: 01924 898 250

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 44

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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