Severn Glocon Valves Eliminate Control Cavitation at Jazan

Severn Glocon, using their renowned valve engineering capability and experience, have provided their 48″ butterfly valves, complete with full anti-cavitation trims, for cooling water start-up control for the new Jazan refinery.

The Jazan project is currently in construction in Saudi Arabia and will have an anticipated capacity of 400,000 barrels per day, separating crude oil into its constituent useable parts such as gasoline, diesel, etc.

To provide the high level of specification to carry out this critical service effectively, the valves are fitted with anti-cavitation trims and are operated by QTRCO SG pneumatic spring-to-open the actuators. These are fitted with 316SS positioners and closed loop breather systems, to protect the actuator internals from the corrosive effect of a hot saline costal atmosphere.

Severn Glocon assessed the exact requirements of the project. To protect the valves and downstream pipework from damage, the valves were designed with special discs to prevent the formation of cavitation. In addition to this enhanced specification, the valve bodies have a glass flake lining, which is resistant to localised high velocity. This also protects the body from the corrosive effects of the line fluid.

It is anticipated that the Jazan refinery will be commissioned in 2018. The plant would struggle to start-up and run without Severn Glocon’s valves, which are an integral part of the critical service control requirement supplied to the project by Severn.

“Severn Glocon had a number of issues to solve in selecting and sizing the right valves for the application, because the valves had to be capable of handling cavitation control at start-up, the high normal running Cv, and also a secondary capability to be able to offer isolation. This is why severe service butterfly control valves complete with QTRCO actuation (QTRCO-SG is also a Severn Glocon Group product) were the best choice,” commented Ken Winpenny, Severn Glocon’s Business Development Manager for Butterfly Valves.

Ron Baker, Severn Glocon’s Group Sales Director, reinforced the Group’s strength by confirming, “We are very proud that we have the ability to not only offer Severn Glocon linear valves for control applications, but also a rotary range that continues to expand our Group capabilities in line with the demands of our customers.”

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 44

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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