NeoNickel services the Valve Industry across Europe

Examples of machined components supplied by NeoNickel

NeoNickel is a group of companies supplying high performance alloys for valves used in demanding & hazardous applications, across a wide range of markets.

The markets we serve include Chemical Process, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals & Refineries, Power Generation, Pharmaceuticals and Bio Synthetics.

NeoNickel supplies high performance alloys for a variety of valves including:-
Ball valves, gate valves, control & choke valves, double offset & triple offset butterfly valves, plug valves, globe valves, ultrapure – aseptic valves, charge point split butterfly containment valves, safety pressure relief valves and rotary lobe pumps.

Our comprehensive inventory includes Super Austenitic Stainless, Duplex, Super Duplex, Nickel and Titanium Alloys.

Key alloys stocked to meet the demands of the valve applications include:
• AL-6XN® ( 6% Molybdenum stainless),
• 17-4PH
• Nitronic 50
• Nitronic 60
• Duplex – UNS S32205/UNS S31803
• Super Duplex- UNS S32760 / ZERON®100, UNS 32750
• Alloy 22, C276, 400, K500, 625, 718, 718API, 725, 825, 925
• Titanium Grades 2 and 5 (6Al-4V)

We supply material in sheet, coil, plate, bar, pipe, pipe fittings, flanges and welding consumables.

Our processing capabilities include bar sawing, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, plate sawing and shearing.

NeoNickel has the capability to supply finished machined components from bar or forgings including precision ground shafts, spindles and laser cut, spun seats for valves.

Precision ground shafts are used to open and close the Butterfly valve disc. High strength is often important as the shaft can operate under high levels of torque.

The two most popular alloys NeoNickel has supplied for the manufacture of precision ground shafts are K500 and 17-4PH. In addition, we have supported other projects where shafts have been manufactured using C276, 725, Super Duplex - ZERON®100 and Titanium Grade 5 (6Al-4V).

We also make secondary metal seats that are laser cut and then metal spun. These are made from 1mm and 1.2mm 625 sheet for use in double offset butterfly valves. NeoNickel supplies 625 sheet for use in triple-off-set butterfly valves.

The triple offset butterfly valve only requires the shaft and not the secondary metal seat. The disc or part of the body on this type of valve is manufactured from laminated 625 sheet and graphite bonded together.

NeoNickel operate service centres in the UK, Czech Republic, France, Germany and Italy. For more information, please visit our website:

Tel: 01254 582 999

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 44

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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