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API 6DSS Subsea Pipeline Valves 3rd Edition

What is it?:
API 6DSS specifies requirements for the design, manufacturing, quality control, assembly, testing, and documentation of ball, check, gate, plug, and axial on–off valves for application in subsea pipeline systems for the petroleum and natural gas industries.

Why Is it Important?:
6DSS 3rd Ed, was published in August 2017, with an effectivity date of August 1st 2018. The standard has been extensively revised with numerous changes to all sections. For monograming purpose, existing design packages will need updating before the effectivity date. Any gaps will need to be closed within the design, manufacturing, quality control, assembly, testing and documentation sections. The standard has been aligned with API 6D. There is the inclusion of a validation section similar to API 6A and API 17D Annex L hyperbaric requirement. These sections are under Design and Hyperbaric validation tests Annex F and G respectively. It should be noted are non- mandatory informative annexes.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 44

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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