Leengate Valves Partnership With Didtek Valves to Gain Further Momentum in 2018

Leengate Valves Directors, Liegh Pickering, Steve Pickering & Mick Loseby meet with Didtek General Manager, Bo Zhang at Valveworld 2016

Leengate Valves have been developing a strong business relationship with Didtek Valves since 2014 and now holds large stocks of Didtek’s valves in its central distribution hub in Derbyshire.

Established in 1985, Didtek Valve is a major player in the worldwide industrial valve market and has been recognized throughout the industry as a valve manufacturer with superior quality and technical capability.

Didtek have spent the past 30 years developing their brand and hold many accolades, including ISO9001:2008, PED directive Mod H, API 6D, CU TR 010/032.

Located in Oubei (Zhejiang, China), Didtek’s manufacturing facility occupies over 25,000 square meters; of which more than 95% is dedicated to production. Throughout a relatively short time, Didtek have proved themselves more than capable of handling even the most demanding of international customers and partners; a skill which Leengate Valves have found invaluable in keeping up with the growing demand for forged and cast Steel valves that they face on a daily basis.

With Leengate Valves’ continued development of relationships with major manufacturers across the globe, and capability for holding large amounts of stock, you can expect to see even more of Didtek’s products becoming everyday core products for the industry.

Managing Director, Steve Pickering, said “We’re really keen to show that we’re not just about ball and butterfly valves; we have huge offerings from around the world and the expansion and development of our supply range is a major priority for us. Over the course of this year we will see more of Didtek’s products coming to the forefront of our extensive portfolio.”

Leengate Valves are currently supplying Didtek’s forged and cast steel gate, globe, check valves and strainers to the UK market on a regular basis. Throughout 2018 you can expect to see cast and forged flanged ball valves, as well as trunnion mounted and cryogenic valves becoming a more prominent feature of the range offered by Leengate Valves.

To find out more about this exciting range of quality valves, contact Leengate Valves on 01773 521555 or email: info@leengatevalves.co.uk. You can also find out more about Leengate Valves wide supply range on their website; www.leengatevalves.co.uk.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 44

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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