Future Leaders - Cohort 3

Future Leaders - Cohort 3


Paula Rimmer with her Contribution to Session Award

A levitating FLP

Future Leaders Cohort 3 at Heap & Partners, Birkenhead
BVAA's Future Leaders Programme continues into its third, barn-storming season and already the latest Cohort have three sessions well and truly under their belts

After an induction day at BVAA HQ in February, and the obligatory ‘get to know you’ supper, the Group proceeded next day into a confidence-boosting presentation skills programme, delivered by BVAA’s Personal Development Consultant, Dr Martin Haigh (Lattitude7).

A few weeks later the Group met at Severn Glocon in Gloucester and were treated to masterclasses in Cryogenic and Anti-surge valves, as well as Project Management. As is traditional now, the Group also reviewed how they have applied their new-found skills and knowledge in the workplace.

Session 3, held recently at Heap & Partners’ site in Birkenhead, was another 2-day special. FLP3s learned of Heap’s unique history and place in the valve industry, and were treated to a Distribution masterclass, followed by a basic introduction to Safety Valves and then how the company manages its product development. Day 2 was another personal development day with Martin Haigh, focussed on ‘Pressing the right Buttons’ - in teamwork and management. This included the oh-so-simple yet frustratingly difficult ‘Helium Stick’ challenge, and practical examples of how teamwork can reduce a process time by a factor of 10!

Already the development improvements are apparent in both individuals and the group as a whole and BVAA is delighted that the ‘FLP’ is having such a dramatic effect on all it touches.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 45

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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