WSG Provalve - Valve Ball and Seat Refurbishment

Size Matters. WSG expand on their extensive CNC capabilities and expertise to grind ball valves between 2” and 46” diameters

An engineer performs a visual inspection of hard facing on a re-ground 30” ball.

A finished and polished valve ball at our Normanton workshop.
A valve ball relies on the roundness and quality of surface finish of its ball and the condition of its seats to create an effective pressure seal.

Debris or particulate can be dragged across the sealing surfaces of the ball and seat during operation causing wear or scoring of the surface.

Damage will most likely affect the ‘soft’ polymeric seat material as it is not as resilient as the steel ball.

However, depending on the service or the type of entrained solids in the pipeline, the ball surface can also become impaired. When scoring or damage occurs to either the ball or seat, this is likely to lead to leakage through the closed valve.

‘Soft’ valve seats are designed so that they can be easily, and cost effectively replaced and WSG Provalve are expert at renewing or re-profiling these inserts.

Also, at WSG Provalve, with our specialist equipment and expertise, balls can be cost effectively repaired and put back into service within days, sometimes even hours.

At our newly built 35,000 sq.ft. valve service facility in Normanton, we have 3 Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) dual axis ball grinding machines that allow us to spherically grind balls from 2” to 46” Diameter, in a wide range of materials, to tighter tolerances than conventional ball lapping machines.

These materials include but are not limited to; high strength steels such as 17/4PH, F51/F55 Duplex, AISI 4140 and hard facings such as Tungsten Carbide and Stellite.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 45

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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