How Versatile is the M65 Valve?

Offshore or underwater, it works just the same

The M65 range of pilot operated valves is manufactured by Nadi Srl in Italy to provide the functionality of conventional solenoid valves but without the electrical control. The valves were developed by replacing the solenoid core tube assembly with a compact pilot piston arrangement which allows the use of compressed air or water between 2 and 10bar to provide the control function irrespective of the process media flowing through the valve.

The M65 has recently been specified for an offshore pump control system where the wide flow capability (up to 2” BSP), compact dimensions and flexible pilot media capability was ideal. The client specified stainless steel construction for the valve requirements but the M65 series uses brass which would not be acceptable in the intended marine environment.

Before deciding on the valve solution, another air operated valve was considered which did offer the all stainless steel construction but the significantly larger installed volume and crucially in this case, the weight of the stainless valve, tipped the balance in favour of the M65.

In order to improve corrosion protection, the valves are offered with an option for nickel plating throughout (as pictured) with stainless steel fasteners. Since other parts of the pump system were already specified to be nickel plated, the client approved this option and the first batches have already been delivered.

M65 valves are often specified where electrical controls are impractical or not permitted for safety reasons. They have been installed in playground and theme park water fountains, curtains and water jet control systems where complete electrical isolation is necessary due to the water coming into contact with the users of the water displays. The other benefits for the installer are the compact envelope size and the ability for the valves to work when fully submerged in the underground supply tank. For these applications the M65 can be piloted with water rather than compressed air, removing the need for a compressor for standalone displays.

In very wet environments, the M65 offers the same flow performance as a solenoid valve, fits in the same volume and there is no electrocution hazard. Why pay for IP67 or IP68 solenoid valves when the M65 will eliminate the problem?

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 45

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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