136 Years of Experience Behind Latest Packing Innovations

James Walker is a name synonymous with sealing technology in the valve industry

In fact, the business has been around since 1882 so it’s fair to say it is somewhat an area of expertise. Worldwide, today the company has over 2,000 experts focused on solving customers’ engineering challenges with the same ethos their founder had some 136 years ago – to deliver the very best performance, value and service to customers.

Throughout the history of the business, James Walker has been at the forefront of compression packings, registering some of the earliest modern packing patents.

Their outstanding application knowledge is a result of a long history working with proprietary materials in some of the most challenging environments and pioneering new developments as industry requirements have continued to evolve.

136 years later, the company is still pushing boundaries, utilising the latest design and manufacturing techniques to meet a wide variety of technical and commercial expectations across a range of industrial and geographical markets.

The James Walker compression packing portfolio is today one of the most extensive on the market. A range of over 40 Lionpak® products manufactured in PTFE, graphite, carbon, aramid, natural and specialist fibres provides both performance and value covering virtually every industrial valve application, whilst the company’s well known Supagraf® materials offer the ultimate in performance for critical applications such as oxygen duties and fugitive emissions applications.

As a result of their 136 year history, there are not many challenges that the company’s experts have not faced, regularly helping to answer questions related to materials, lubrication packages, additives and installation best practice.

This breadth of experience and expertise is available to valve manufacturers, refurbishers and end-users at all times through customer clinics, seminars and training courses as well as being committed to print in a series of technical papers that are regularly presented at major industry conferences and events.

At James Walker, it is clear that heritage is at the heart of the business and the company’s continually evolving offer delivers the very best partnership with customers to optimise operational performance and meet the most challenging application conditions, whatever they may be. Furthermore, the ranges of both standard and specialised packings undergo rigorous testing and continuous improvement to ensure customers can trust the James Walker name every time.

Tel: 01270 536 000
Email: sales@jameswalker.biz
Web: www.jameswalker.biz

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 45

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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