HH Valves Ltd Complete Supply of Forged Pressure Seal Check Valves into South Africa

HH Valves recently completed the supply of two 16" block forged 1690# pressure seal check valves into South Africa, as part of a project consisting of various high pressure forged valves, including our small bore high pressure parallel slide gate valves

The customer indicated a bespoke face to face requirement for the application which we were more than happy to accommodate. As these were block forgings, the addition of the extended face to face was much less of an issue from a manufacturing perspective and as no pattern modification was required we were able to keep costing to a minimum.

Due to the size and dimensions involved the machining of the valves tested our production capabilities to their limit but due to the experience of our engineering team we were able to complete the relevant fabrication in a safe and timely manner to the required standards and level of quality.

Downtime, replacements/repairs and a damaged reputation are at the forefront of any customers mind when it comes to issues within pipelines, valves and auxiliary equipment. The possibility for a defective casting or other potential unavoidable issues that come with a casting call for further NDE which in some cases can significantly increase the initial cost of the valve.

With HH Valves one-piece forgings, we are able to offer an increased level of material quality compared to a casting and eliminate almost all the issues that can occur during the casting process.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers always receive the highest quality of product and offering our forged range alongside our traditional cast products allows our customers further peace of mind.

Further investment into our manufacturing process has enabled HH Valves to produce our large bore high-pressure range of valves, not only at comparable prices to our cast range, but also with identical lead times. This gives our customers the option of a higher integrity valve without the usual cost/delivery limitations.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 45

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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