New SmartAct® Small Electric Actuator Launch

Fresh from receiving the Queens Award and National Family Business Championship in 2017, The Smart Actuator Company team has worked hard to bring the new Small (0-40 Nm) electric actuator to market

The long-awaited launch of the Small actuator has been eagerly anticipated by our Distributors and we have ensured that the timing of this full launch coincides with the release of the Android App to ensure an intelligent and easily operated actuator with advantages like no other within the current market.

This product will be fully released for open sale in Q3 this year!

The launch of the SmartAct® (40-100) Medium product in 2014 was quickly followed by the SmartAct® company winning €2.4 Million grant funding for a Horizon 2020 (EU) project to develop both Small and Large versions. That completed in late 2017 when the Large Subsea unit was introduced.

The Android App has been developed to coincide with the launch of the Small unit but will be compatible with all SmartAct® products. It provides an efficient communication platform for both our existing and new customers.

The App works on any Android device. It allows customers to access their purchased products, monitor the configuration and add or remove features right then and there. This ease of access allows customers to personalise, change and add anything they require and has proved a great success!

One Distributor has already reported using it to good effect when working with a customer over 500 miles from his home base! The App even has a torque detection function which auto detects the torque requirement of the valve for initial set-up and configuration. Now that is Smart!!

The Standard Features in the Small Actuator are:-
• Up to 40 Nm Torque Output (Auto Detect)
• Torque Limiting
• 2 Year Warranty
• ISO 5211 Mountings, FO3, FO4, FO5
• 14 mm Drive Adapter
• Low Voltage Quarter Turn
• Rugged GRP Housing
• IP 67
• Anti Condensation Heater
• Manual Override
• Local Power Control
• Visual Position Indicator
• Volt Free End of Travel Relays
• EN 15714-2 Compliant
• Bluetooth Control
• Set-up, configuration and Optional Feature activation via Android App on any Android device.
• Auto detection and calibration of valve torque requirement for easy set-up in Android App.
• Uses 25% or less energy to turn the valve compared to competitor products.

End User (Distributor List) Pricing for the Standard Small Actuator starts at £125 per unit.

The Optional Features in the Small Actuator are:-
• Failsafe
• Modulation
• Loss of Control Signal
• Speed Control
• Valve Profiling
• Colour Own Branding
• Wiggle – auto clear valve seal
• High Voltage
• Multi-Turn

For Optional Feature pricing contact SmartAct® on 01684 565709 or email

Tel: 01684 565 709

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 45

Summer 2019 // Issue 49
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