Air Preparation: an Alternative to the Obvious Choice?

In addition to the popular Sitecna stainless steel air preparation & flow control valves, Measure Monitor Control also offer aluminium versions of filter regulators, filters, pressure regulators, volume boosters & lock up valves from the same Italian factory

The aluminium versions have the same elastomer options to suit all common gases and operating temperatures down to -55°C, size range: ¼″ – 1″ (¼″ only for the lock up valves) and are suitable for ammonia applications such as in fertiliser plants due to their copper free alloy construction.

For use on flammable or toxic gases, threaded relief ports are standard on the pressure regulators and filter regulators with options for non-relieving operation if preferred. The volume boosters also offer threaded exhaust port options up to 1″ size for the same media, removing the need for customers to thread the standard plain exhaust ports and pipe each away to safety.

The filter regulators, pressure regulators and volume boosters have been third party tested and carry certified compliance with IEC 61508 for use in SIL3 Functional Safety systems. This is standard and not an additional cost or option.

Standard on all products is ATEX and GOST Ex certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, assuring plant safety in a market where confusion remains regarding non-electrical compliance among some manufacturers. GOST EAC and dual language nameplates complete the standard certification and 3.1 material reports are available for all these aluminium products as an option.

Where low installed weight is critical, these products offer the same functionality as the stainless steel versions with maximum inlet pressures up to 25bar, the same envelope dimensions and around half the weight. Corrosion resistance is provided through the white epoxy coating and offshore type double coating specifications can be achieved to comply with project demands.

Next time stainless steel is specified for the valve instrument package, there is an alternative that offers the same performance and lower cost with all the certification safeguards needed. Using aluminium instead of stainless steel for the air preparation offers cost savings that can allow budgets to be balanced in favour of more critical components and prevent overruns. Isn’t that an idea worth considering?

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 46

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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