Economies of Space, Time & Cost in Fan Coil Units

Albion UK (Ltd), a leading UK valves supplier, is urging building services engineers to consider specifying a combination of PICVs and Monolink units in air conditioning systems to save on installation time, commissioning, space and ultimately cost

Fan coil units power air conditioning systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings and play an essential role in ensuring a constant, comfortable temperature and good indoor air quality.

The units are typically wall or ceiling mounted and space is always an installation issue for engineers. The units are usually required to be installed out of view and the diffuser or grille is set flush against the wall so not to detract from the aesthetics of a room.

For building services engineers these installations entail fitting multiple and complex connections in a confined space, which can either enhance or detract from the overall efficiency of the system.

The Monolink unit however helps take away the headache of fitting multiple components into a restricted space. It is a preassembled factory tested valve arrangement, designed in a simple and highly compact H block unit, suitable for a wide range of pipe connections.

The Monolink’s structure offers a reduced risk of leakage and minimizes space required to connect to the system, and the configuration allows a quicker and easier installation process for the engineer. The Monolink assembly also comes with a 5 year warranty offering greater peace of mind.

When specified with Albion’s new range of Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICVs) the combination is ideal for the automatic balancing of both heating and cooling systems.

It is particularly compatible to fan coil units and chilled beam applications where the reduced dimensions and compact design are hugely beneficial, and can withstand temperatures from -10C° +120°C.

Albion Valves (Ltd), Sales Director Les Littlewood commented: “This configuration takes the stress out of ensuring all valves and components fit. In addition, PICVs are recognised in the industry for improving energy savings by optimizing the distribution of water in a heating or cooling system, so ultimately maintaining an intended temperature at optimum energy efficiency at minimum operating cost.

From the perspective of a design engineer, not only do they gain energy savings as a result of increased control and valve performance from the PICV, they also achieve reductions in design and calculation time. Meanwhile contractors, installers and commissioning engineers experience lower costs from installation and commissioning simplification by using the Monolink. So a winning combination! ”

Albion currently stocks around 5000 lines of commercial valves, suitable for applications predominantly within the process, water, building services and HVAC industries, all available from its distributor network.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 46

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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