Valve Maintenance

Lubricants, seals and correct cleaning materials for industrial valves

Martin Greenhalgh CEng, F.I.Mech.E BVAA Technical Consultant Lecturer - BVAA Introduction to Valves Course

The majority of mechanical valves requires adequate lubrication to maintain the valve.

It is important to identify the correct lubricant for the specific valve and function.

Lubricated plug valves for example must have sufficient insoluble lubrication to operate. This lubrication is then injected between the plug face and the body seat.

The lubricant has also got to be compatible with the fluid.

When not moving the metallic plug sits tightly in the seat of the valve with a thin layer between the seat and the plug.
Valves also need sufficient trim to ensure no leakage or weakness in the valve.

The trim will need to combine high corrosive resistance, wear resistance and high strength to ensure it can withstand all opearting forces.

This and other information about valve types including maintenance, design, body, trim, seat and sealing materials are all covered in our training course ‘Introduction to Valves’ by our Technical Consultant Martin Greenhalgh CEng FIMechE.

The comprehensive course covers valve types, compliance to the correct standards and components.

It is also perfect for beginners in the Valve industry.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 47

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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