ISO/NP 23632 Industrial valves — Type testing of valves - committee draft issued

What is it?:

This International standard specifies requirements and acceptance criteria for type testing of butterfly and ball valves used for isolating services for general applications, to validate the product range.

The test protocol includes mechanical, pressure and/or thermal cycling based on ISO 15848-1 test protocol.

This document excludes control valves, thermoplastics valves and safety devices.

Why Is it Important?:

The objective of this document is to cover the requirement and method for evaluating the performance of industrial valves with respect to seat sealing and operating torque capability. Type testing is the most reliable method to validate a product, including design, material selection and manufacturing processes. It may also serve as a guide for valve selection and allow the valve users to compare different valve types, designs and valve brands. Several major customers already require type tests, each having their own specifications. Having an international standard will reduce manufacturer’s cost by decreasing the number of qualifications, and enduser total cost-of-ownership by eliminating unintentional design flaws and planned obsolescence. The work in the ISO committee will complement the work on prEN17070 in CEN TC69/WG1

Supersedes: This is the first draft of a new international standard.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 47

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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