All tanked up at Laser Limited

Twin nitrogen tanks installed at Laser Limited

To keep up with the ever-increasing production requirements Laser Limited have recently invested in the installation of twin liquid nitrogen tanks

This latest investment will see the production window literally double in size since it will allow the laser machines to run for longer durations during the night.

Commenting on this latest development Sales and Logistics Manager, Rebecca Folkard says;

“The installation of these tanks is a significant move forward for the business. When we set the business up back in 2016 we opted for a nitrogen generation plant which allowed us to produce nitrogen gas from fresh air. It soon became apparent that this method would not support the business long term since the shear pace at which the business has grown over the past two years is off the scale. We would require a further two nitrogen plants at a cost of £80,000 each to keep up with the volume of gas required hence the decision to opt for the tanks.”

This latest leap forward is all part of the bigger picture at Laser Limited HQ and with other investments on the horizon there are some exiting times ahead for the business.

As part of the QK Group operating in conjunction with Quickits Limited the company designs and manufactures products such as mounting brackets, locking devices, valve levers, sun shades, accessory panels and valve tags along with numerous other valve industry related products.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 47

Summer 2019 // Issue 49
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