Stainless Steel WRAS Valves in 2 Weeks from Measure Monitor Control

4" DN100 Stainless Steel WRAS Pressure Reducing Valve

Getting the right valve specified and delivered on time is crucial and Measure Monitor Control recently delivered exactly that for an ongoing project.

A client needed help with sizing pressure reducing valves for their town water and reverse osmosis (RO) water lines and since the piping was stainless steel, they wanted the valves in the same material.

Another requirement was WRAS approval for potable water duty in order to comply with their quality standards for connecting to the mains water supply.

After confirming the flow calculations for the pressure ranges concerned, the client received a proposal for the P48 direct acting pressure reducing valves in DN80 and DN100 flange sizes as shown here.

These valves are WRAS certified as standard and available from ˝" to 2" threaded and 2" to 6" flanged in 316 stainless steel.

After several revisions due to the pressure and flow requirements changing as the client design progressed and of the many solutions considered, the Measure Monitor Control proposal was the one selected for ordering due to meeting all the design criteria and being able to deliver much faster than the usual 6-8 weeks.

Measure Monitor Control provides technical support for goods after shipment in case of any problems during installation or operation and should these valves need servicing, spare diaphragms and components are available to remove the need for complete replacement of the valves.

Tel: 01443 772 500

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 47

Winter 2018 // Issue 47
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