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Rob Bartlett writes, ‘This was our first visit to IVS, and what a welcome surprise it turned out to be! The show had a fantastic atmosphere and attend...
Valve User Issue 50

BVAA Spring Conference 2019

If you weren’t there, you missed arguably the best BVAA Spring Conference line up we’ve had in some years! Papers delivered covered topics as dive...
Valve User Issue 50

Valve Training - Delivering Where You Need It!

The spring period is always a busy time for the BVAA Training arm, but the first three months of 2018 has seen one of the busiest and most far...
Valve User Issue 45

Future Leaders - Cohort 3

BVAA's Future Leaders Programme continues into its third, barn-storming season and already the latest Cohort have three sessions well and trul...
Valve User Issue 45

Desktop Season!: The BVAA desktop exhibition scene moved into top gear again this spring, with FIVE events being held over a period of just FIVE weeks!

Particularly pleasing was that Rob Boycott and his BVAA support team were able to include some new venues in the mix. First up on 13th March was a...
Valve User Issue 45

A Series of Fortunate Events: BVAA’s been busy attending industry events up & down the country

DPRTE 2018 The BVAA exhibited at the Defence and Procurement, Research and Technology, Exportability Event - one of the UK’s leading defence procurem...
Valve User Issue 45

Autumn 2019 // Issue 50
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